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For Shipowners
TRANSIT-EXPRESS Marine Agency has a large database of seafarers and service staff (more than 4000 people) of different positions with work experience on BC, TSH, CSH, RO-RO, Cont, different types of Tugs and Cruise Ships, with good knowledge of English.

Sale and purchase of vessels

   Since 1998, TRANSIT-EXPRESS Marine Agency is dealing with purchase and sale of vessels of different types.
   For this period of time we, being a commercial agent of Ukrainian ship-owners, executed orders for purchase of: Reefer vessel DWT-1980, Big Freeze Trawler, CSH DWT-3000, Passenger Coastal vessel for 200 passengers.
   If you want to sale a vessel, please send us its full particulars and photo (if you have any), vessel' cost and terms of sale. All this data will be put free of charge on our web-site.
   If you want to purchase a vessel, please send us a request on a type of vessel which you want to purchase and an approximate budget for purchase. All this data will be put free of charge in our web-site.
   We have good partnership relations with European companies, dealing with vessels sale and purchase, and particulars of your vessel will be forwarded to these companies.

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