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For Shipowners
TRANSIT-EXPRESS Marine Agency has a large database of seafarers and service staff (more than 4000 people) of different positions with work experience on BC, TSH, CSH, RO-RO, Cont, different types of Tugs and Cruise Ships, with good knowledge of English.

vessel management

   Since 1998 Transit-Express Marine Agency owns two passenger coastal motor vessels (with capacity for 88 and 200 passengers), and operating passenger coastal motor vessel (200 passengers), owned by Yalta Trade Sea Port, and Dry Cargo Ship (DWT 700 Tons). Passenger vessels carry passengers along Southern Cost of Crimea from May till October, and Dry Cargo Ship carries cargoes in the Black and the Mediterranean Seas.

   Transit-Express Marine Agency carries out full management of these vessels including commercial, technical and crewing management. These vessels are manned by qualified crew members, and their technical condition is in accordance with requirements of conventions and safety navigation. That is why we can offer management of your vessels of similar type at a high standard and with a great economical effectiveness. If you are interested in management of your vessels please contact us.

   Being a ship-owner, we do understand our partners' requirements regarding crew selection and that is why we are able to select high-qualified seafarers who will meet the requirements of shipping companies.

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