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For Shipowners
TRANSIT-EXPRESS Marine Agency has a large database of seafarers and service staff (more than 4000 people) of different positions with work experience on BC, TSH, CSH, RO-RO, Cont, different types of Tugs and Cruise Ships, with good knowledge of English.

Crewing policy

   TRANSIT-EXPRESS has struck oil selecting and getting employed only high-qualified and competent seamen. It means that our database of seafarers consists of qualified, experienced, well-trained, medically fit and loyal crew. The crewing policy mainly aims safety of crew, cargo and vessel, pollution prevention of environment and execution of commercial obligations.

   Agency' staff has work experience in manning and shipping industry, they conduct interview with candidates before enrolling them into our database. Candidates pass interview, written and oral tests of knowledge of English language as well as checking their qualification and professional skills. Seafarers will be enrolled into agency' database only if we are sure that they are fully satisfy their positions.

   Prior seamen' departure for work, we conduct briefing in accordance with ISM Code and STCW requirements and as per ship-owner' company Quality System Policy.

   TRANSIT-EXPRESS is constantly improving its services in order to meet our Client's requirements complying with standards of I.M.O., I.S.M and STCW.

   TRANSIT-EXPRESS co-operates in close contact with ship-owner' crew department and follows all instructions of a ship-owner. Meantime the agency acts as a separate structure with its own inner rules and requirements in crewing.

   TRANSIT-EXPRESS strictly keeps all confidential information regarding seafarers as well as a vessel or a company.

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