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For Shipowners
TRANSIT-EXPRESS Marine Agency has a large database of seafarers and service staff (more than 4000 people) of different positions with work experience on BC, TSH, CSH, RO-RO, Cont, different types of Tugs and Cruise Ships, with good knowledge of English.

For seafarers

    This section is for seafarers who want to be employed on vessels of foreign companies.
    We review all application forms we receive from seafarers, irrespective of their previous work experience and knowledge of English, but we do not guarantee them employment if qualification of a seaman and his knowledge of English do not meet requirements of a ship-owner.
    We welcome service staff with off-shore work experience (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.), universities graduates (faculties of foreign languages), who want to get a job on cruise vessels to check in our database.

    In order to check in the database of TRANSIT-EXPRESS marine agency, you have to fill up one of three enclosed application forms depending on your previous work experience and types of vessels you plan to get a job on. Service staff needs to attach two colored photos to the application form (one full-sized photo and one of 4x6 cm).
    Please carefully fill in all sections of application form.

    1. Application form for seafarers with work experience on BC, CSH, Coasters, MPP, Cont, RO-RO, TSH, LPG, Gas Carriers.

    2. Application form for seafarers with work experience on different types of Tugs, AHTS, Floating Cranes, DP vessels, Auxiliary vessels, Supply Tugs, Specialized vessels, Dredgers.

    3. Application form for seafarers and service staff with work experience on Cruise Ships, Passenger vessels, Passenger Ferries, Floating Casinos, Yachts, Hotels and Restaurants.

    Please note that application forms, received from Russian seafarers shall be forwarded to our Representative Office in St. Petersburg. Also in St. Petersburg we carry out paper work and signing contracts with Russian seafarers prior their departure to vessels.

    We apologize but we are working only with Ukrainian and Russian seafarers.

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